National Post editorial board: Ontario needs an election

Everyone knows how I feel about this whole gas plant cancellation – so you should also not be surprised to see this appearing on my blog!

National Post | Full Comment

At long last, Ontarians finally have an authoritative estimate of just how much Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government cost them when it decided to cancel a gas-fired power plant in Oakville, west of Toronto, in the thick of the 2010 election campaign. According to provincial Auditor-General Bonnie Lysyk, when combined with an earlier politically motivated gas-plant cancellation in Mississauga, taxpayers could be on the hook for $1.1-billion.

[np_storybar title=”Scott Stinson: With the final bill for the gas-plants now in, it’s all the more evident why McGuinty quit
” link=””]Anyone who had paid any attention to the Liberal gas-plant controversy over the past year or so would know that it is a mess of the highest order: poorly sited facilities that were part of a poorly conceived energy plan, followed by two politically motivated decisions that were executed either with no awareness of the costs to be borne by taxpayers and electricity…

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