Yoh! WTF? Putin and Obama

Yoh! WTF? Came across this layout on the English Pravda website today – click on the picture for a closer look.

Putin and Obama

Now, you don’t have to be any special type of idiot to see the comparison being drawn here … and yes I know it’s the Russian press … but does this not aptly picture what Putin did to Obama over the Syrian debacle recently? Obama, fumbling the ball and unable to make up his mind while Putin steps in and portrays himself as the statesman extraordinaire. If you don’t see that in the pictures above which appeared in the English Pravda online on 06th November, 2013 … then my friend you need to see an eye doctor.

Oh and here are the links to the two articles

10 Interesting Things Putin Said | News | The Moscow Times.

EXPLOSIVE: Info To Land Obama In Prison May Be Released By The Muslim Brotherhood (Stunning Video Info)… |.


2 thoughts on “Yoh! WTF? Putin and Obama

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