Yoh! WTF? Philippines typhoon aid operations pick up pace – World – CBC News

Philippines typhoon aid operations pick up pace – World – CBC News.

The abject sadness of this story is enough to break anyone’s heart. As you read about people looting – not electronic stores – but a rice warehouse you realize that these people are suffering terribly.


For the Canadians reading this blog the Government of Canada will match your donation dollar for dollar. That means even if you can only afford $5.00 you will actually be donating $10.00 – don’t think about it. Do it!

Please donate to the following registered charities between November 9 to December 8, 2013 to ensure that every dollar that you donate is matched by the Canadian federal government:

Unicef Canada – To send emergency supplies to Filipino children affected by the disaster.
Canadian Red Cross– To help with emergency supplies.
Save the Children -To help with disaster relief efforts for children and families affected. 10 per cent of donations will be put aside for the next emergency.
Global Medic Canada – To help mobilize the Global Medic team with supplying Aquatabs for clean water for victims.
World Vision Canada – To provide life saving essentials and emergency supplies to victims.


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