Chuck’s Salsa Chicken

Yoh! WTF? If this doesn’t get you salivating then you must be dead!

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

When you come home on a cold winter night you deserve a pot of hot, flavorful food. The best way to accomplish this? A slow cooker.

Photo Dec 06, 5 09 58 PM copy - Featured Size

This dish opens itself up to great additions. I added both a spanish rice, onion, red pepper and some kernels of corn.

Photo Dec 05, 7 49 38 PM

I substituted boneless chicken thighs in place of breasts. The thighs go really well with the Mexican flavors.

Photo Dec 05, 7 49 50 PM

I want to introduce you to Chuck’s Salsa. In early November I spent some time at Chuck’s booth at the Fabulous Food show. I was able to taste their great salsa and learn about how they make it with high quality, natural ingredients. I was so glad to get a jar of each of their three flavors. The medium salsa brings a sweet heat to the party and is perfect for this recipe. As the recipe only used a cup of salsa, I…

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