Yoh! WTF? – ‘Affluenza defence’: Rich, privileged and unaccountable – BBC News

BBC News – ‘Affluenza defence’: Rich, privileged and unaccountable.

Yoh! WTF! What did I just read there? I’ll tell you what! This is what will be come our new reality, for as the gap between rick and poor widen in North America this will become the norm not the exception. Justice is no longer blind…instead she has Ray Bans and a Gucci purse in one hand and a stick to beat the poor people with in the other.

What amazes me to no end is that nowhere in this entire article are we talking about the victims. At the end the writer talks about the real tragedy being the US juve system.

Is the real tragedy of this case the awfulness of the US juvenile justice system and not the privileges of being wealthy?

No – the real tragedy is the carnage of the dead left behind by this irresponsible kid. The destroyed families….the lives cut short. THAT IS THE TRAGEDY!


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