Caught On Video: Police Hit, Tie Down, Then Chop Off Possible Rape Victim’s Hair (VIDEO)’

Yoh! WTF? What the hell were these people thinking? Or were they even thinking at all? All charges being dropped is not enough. These officers should be fired!

The Last Of The Millenniums

warren michigan police

‘Warren Michigan police officers were caught on camera, strapping a 22-year-old mother into a chair and cutting off her hair’.

‘The officer with the scissors, Bernadette Najor, can be seen hitting the young mother, before having her restrained’.

‘The video shows her grabbing the woman’s hair, repeatedly jerking her head back, while she hacks off the woman’s weave’.

‘Najor has been fired’.

‘All of the male officers, who can be seen helping to restrain this young woman, remain on the police force’.

‘Every one of them stood by while this was done’.

‘None seemed shocked, upset or even concerned about what is happening two feet away from them’.

‘There’s more to the story as well’.

‘The young mother in the video, Chandra Greggory, had been at a party in Detroit earlier in the evening’.

‘When she woke up in a Motel with no idea how she got there, she told…

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