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Yoh! WTF? This is an excellent start to the day!


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Yoh! WTF? My Slowianie

Yoh! WTF? Yeah baby! The estimation is that 1 in 3 Poles have seen this video. Which is full of jaw dropping beauties. However there may be some sub-text behind it, even though the singer says there isn’t. Gotta agree though that Mother Nature did indeed endow these women with wonderful wonders!!!

Here is the BBC’s take on the video

and here is the video


Yoh! WTF? Miley Cyrus shares topless selfie before MTV’s Europe Music Awards performance: ‘Shower time,’ she tweets – NY Daily News

Miley Cyrus shares topless selfie before MTV’s Europe Music Awards performance: ‘Shower time,’ she tweets – NY Daily News.

Is it me or is Miley Cyrus using the “Madonna’s Theory of Slutting – to ensure maximum self promotion with minimum dollars spent” to advertise her brand? Yoh! WTF? Every time I see her half naked body on some video or advert I have to avert my eyes.

Yoh! WTF? Stop it with the tongue already.

Yoh! WTF? Chris Brown released from custody after assault charges – BBC – Newsbeat

BBC – Newsbeat – Chris Brown released from custody after assault charges.

Yoh! WTF? When are we going to stop cuddling these over-privileged, spoiled, entitled idols who can do whatever they want and get away with it? Too many parents have to struggle with teaching their kids about who they should idolize without having people  like this in the mix. Ordinary folk can’t just tell these people what to do, so we have to start voting with our wallet.

Yoh! WTF? Jaden Smith y u no like school?

What’s up with these celebrities? From Miley Cyrus debasing and objectifying women to Jaden Smith encouraging kids to drop out of school … my nose is beginning to bleed from the stench of bullshit.

Hey and I mean that literally too, because I am beginning to feel like these people are just trying out their skills in dealing with people who behave like cattle and live their lives looking for the next biggest thing or the newest look! You know what I mean?

WTF? man it’s gotta stop.

Yoh! WTF? I mean really W! T! F! ▶ Rihanna – Pour It Up (Explicit) – YouTube

Yoh! WTF? Okay so this twerking thing is really messing with my mind. Like most heterosexual men, I have to say that I watched this video with a certain amount of fascination. Thing is though that this video is so damn explicit that I when I was finished watching, I had the urge to smoke a cigarette and take a shower. Actually it was more like just take a shower. Of course I can probably also start talking about how it dehumanizes and objectifies women but hey WTF!

via ▶ Rihanna – Pour It Up (Explicit) – YouTube.